Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies for those who already have their wedding venue, just simply click the ceremony heading that you would like to have. This will take you to the detailing page of services and amenities provided for a basic ceremony.

If you do not have your choice of wedding venue yet, please see our Wedding Ceremonies Packages to give you a few choices or ideas to get started. We have listed some special packages from favourite wedding venues in Bali included some services and exclude others as you wish. If you do not meet what you are looking for please email us at : and one of our profesionalists will design an idea for you.

Commitment Ceremony

This is the type of engagement ceremony, express their love and mutual commitment to one another for a couple who have different religion or no religion but want to exchange their promises in front of family and friends without legal notification or without religious ceremony. Be advised that this ceremony is not legally recognized and can not be registered. You will receive a Certificate of Commitment issued by Bali Wedding Honeymoon at the end of the ceremony. Commitment ceremonies start at Rp 6,000,000.- (excluding venue charges)

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Full Legal Wedding

Legal Wedding ceremony in Bali is a religious ceremony from an ordained and English-speaking minister (from the couple’s faith) following by civil ceremony conducts by civil registrar. You will receive two certificates at the end of the wedding ceremony; one certificate issued by the minister and another from the government, issued by the Civil Registry, or Buku Nikah from KUA for Moslem Legal Wedding. Full Legal Wedding ceremonies start at Rp 7,000,000.- (excluding venue charges)

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Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows is redeclaration of wedding vows for a couple that would like to renew their wedding vows as a reflection of couple’s past love and contentment and blessing for the continued happiness on their journey of married life. Couple will receive the Certificate of Renewal Vows, issued by Bali Wedding Honeymoon at the end of the ceremony. Should you wish, you can work with the celebrant on the wording of the liturgy for the renewal of vows ceremony. Renewal of Vows ceremonies start at Rp 6,000,000.- (excluding venue charges)

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