Local-Couples-Documents Wedding
02 Oct 2017

Local Couple’s Documents for Getting Married in Bali

Due to many venues offered, many local couples from outside Bali want to have a legal wedding ceremony in Bali. However, since the government changed the regulation, those couple can’t register their marriage at Bali Civil Registry. They can have legal blessing under Bali Christian Protestant Church then register their marriage at their Civil Registry when they back home. Still the couple must prepare all the necessary documents as follows and provide all copies only to Bali Christian Protestant Church :

    “Surat Keterangan Belum Pernah Kawin” issued from civil of each domicile

    Letter N1-N4 from Lurah of each domicile

    Copy of valid KTP

    Copy of birth certificate

    Copy of Kartu Keluarga

    Copy of baptism letter

    Original of delegation letter from couple’s church addressed to Bali Christian Protestant Church

    Copy of the two witnesses’s valid KTP