Catch Your Best Photography – Catch Your Moments
12 Sep 2018

Catch Your Best Photography – Catch Your Moments

Photography is important in an event to Catch Your Moments, including marriage. Photography will be a witness to the beauty of your memories, will be a reminder at a crucial moment when you later open the photo sheet. Therefore, finding the right photographer is one of the priorities in your marriage.

1. Prepare the Venue
Marriage is a series of busy processions. You must be prepared with the details. The first important thing is to find a venue that suits you. After that, look for a photographer. So the photographer understands exactly the venue before the shooting process. Photographers can get the best position for your prewedding or wedding.

2. Set budget and find the suitable photograper
Now, there are so many wedding. You will face attractive offers, but the important thing is you have to find one that suits your budget.

In the case of budget allocation, it is best to provide 10% of your marriage total budget. This budget is not large if compared to the record which you can see in future. Press the smallest possible budget budget, to be able to enliven your event is like making an event without memories because there are no records that describe the beauty of your event if the picture is bad.

3.More is not definitely good
Photography services will come to you a lot, they promising results, and most beginner photography is promising large number of  photo result. Know that many are not necessarily the best. Because photos are art, how to describe details with perfect, as if tomorrow you still experience it when you open the photo sheet, and you can’t compare it to the number the shots you get. Quality is not about Quantity.

4. Check References
Although checking references can’t certainly reduce the final cost of your wedding photography and videography, but references can increase your chances of being satisfied with the results.

5. Built The Chemistry
Finding a suitable photographer is one of the keys to your event. you will not be able to synergize with photographers that you do not love it. Same way, photographers who feel they don’t fit in you, will not maximally produce your best memory record.

Marriage is one of the best things that must be perpetuated in the best way and picture.Bali Wedding Honeymoon is a photography service in Bali that is ready to capture the most beautiful moments for you, your partner, and your beloved family.
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