Legal wedding for Japanese in Bali
10 Nov 2018

Legal wedding for Japanese in Bali

Legal wedding for Japanese that want to have a legally married in Bali, they must provide required documents as follows :

1. Koseki Tohon which is an official document that records and certifies the identity and family relationships of Japanese citizens on the basis of family law. The principal items recorded and certified in a family register are :

  1. An individual’s full name;
  2. Gender;
  3. Birth date and birthplace;
  4. Parental relations (names of parents, relations to them, etc.);
  5. Spousal relations (name of spouse, date of marriage, date of divorce, etc.);
  6. Data related to the death of an individual (date, time, place of death);
  7. Name of legal custodian or legal guardian;
  8. Data related to inheritance, such as the disinheritance of a presumed heir. The information recorded in each family register is based on formal declarations made by citizens to their local government (municipality) at the time of a child’s birth, marriage, etc.

2. CNI (Certficate of No Impediment to Marriage) that will be issued by Japan Consulate in Bali. You only need to visit Japan Consulate in Bali with the original passport, copy of passport and original of Koseki Tohon. As it will take 2 days process, you can pick up your CNI the day after, completed with translation documents of Koseki Tohon in Bahasa Indonesia.

After all required documents are done, let us – Bali Weddig Honeymoon – as your professional bali wedding planner do the rest thing for you.