Legally Married In Bali Procedure
23 Oct 2018

Legally Married In Bali Procedure

We got some questions regarding getting legally married in Bali.

Is it difficult to arrange it?

The answer is NO.

We are as one of the most experienced wedding planners in Bali are abble to assist you for this.
Here are few steps you must follow :
  1. Prepare the basic paperwork like copy passport, birth certificate, and other required documents from both of you and your fiancee. Further info click this link
  2. Send it to your wedding planner by email
  3. Check the regulation from your embassy/representative consulate in Indonesia/Bali regarding the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage. Different regulation is applied for different countries as some can be obtained within same day, and the rest need 1 month process.
  4. Please note that some countries required wedding certificate to be legalised in Jakarta through Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Law Ministry, and your Embassy in order the wedding certificate get recognised under your law. Bali Wedding Honeymoon, Your wedding planner will advise you for it.
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