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05 May 2018

Marriage in Indonesia for Danish Citizen

In order for a Danish citizen to register marriage in Indonesia, the Indonesian authority request that the Danish Embassy issue a letter, which confirms the Danish national’s name, nationality, passport number, date of issue and expiry, issuing passport authority and, if relevant, divorce papers or the death certificate of deceased spouse. When you return to Denmark after having registered your marriage in Indonesia, you shall...

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23 Apr 2018

Certificate of No Impediment (CONI) for New Zealand Citizen

New Zealand citizen marriage should be registered in the country where it takes place. There is no legal obligation to have your overseas marriage registered in New Zealand. To be recognized by New Zealand law your marriage in Indonesia should be registered according to Indonesian law. Your Indonesian marriage certificate(s) will be acknowledged in New Zealand. First step, you must apply Certificate of No Impediment...

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23 Feb 2018

Legal Statement Letter for Finnish Citizen

A legal statement letter is required for Finnish Citizen that wanting to get legally married in Indonesia. To issue this letter, the document that needs to be brought from Finland is called in Finnish: TODISTUS SUOMEN LAIN MUKAISESTA OIKEUDESTA MENNÄ AVIOLIITTOON ULKOMAAN VIRANOMAISEN EDESSÄ in Swedish: INTYG OM RÄTT ATT ENLIGT FINSK LAG INGÅ ÄKTENSKAP INFÖR UTLÄNDSK MYNDIGHET in English: CERTIFICATE OF CAPACITY UNDER FINNISH...

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02 Oct 2017

CNI & Legal Wedding in Bali for Italian

When Italian couple would like to have legal wedding in Bali, to obtain CNI or Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage, they must provide the following documents : • Formulario di richiesta Nullaosta; • Originale Certificato di nascita internazionale da richiedere presso il proprio comune, ufficio anagrafe; • Originale Certificato cumulativo da richiedere presso il proprio comune; • Copia del passaporto; The documents above will...

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Local-Couples-Documents Wedding
02 Oct 2017

Local Couple’s Documents for Getting Married in Bali

Due to many venues offered, many local couples from outside Bali want to have a legal wedding ceremony in Bali. However, since the government changed the regulation, those couple can’t register their marriage at Bali Civil Registry. They can have legal blessing under Bali Christian Protestant Church then register their marriage at their Civil Registry when they back home. Still the couple must prepare all...

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