Wedding Planners
08 Nov 2018

Wedding Planners

What Should I Chose: Wedding Planners? Wedding Coordinator? or Wedding Designer?

Here is a general explanation of the different kinds of planners, the services they offer, and what to look for in hiring them:

Typically a Wedding Planner or Producer will embrace your style and vision and orchestrate your wedding from start to finish. These professionals will put together the perfect team of wedding service providers for you, and will manage all details of the entire wedding. A Wedding Planner / Producer should have received professional training and a degree in Event Management, Hospitality Management, Hotel and Restaurant Management at a university, or a certificate in Meeting Planning, Special Event Management or Wedding Management from an accredited institution. The Wedding Planner must also be an expert in wedding etiquette, protocol and ethnic customs with the flexibility to understand each couple’s uniqueness. Typically, the Wedding Planner / Producer has been in the event management industry for at least 10 years.

A Wedding Consultant or Coordinator is appropriate for the wedding couple who want to take a more active hands-on role in planning their own wedding, and is looking for a “coach” to help them along the way. The Consultant or Coordinator will furnish vendor referrals and set up appointments, but will not always be present with you at the all the meetings. The Consultant or Coordinator would also typically schedule the wedding day activities and be on site to manage the wedding. The Wedding Consultant / Coordinator is typically less experienced than the Wedding Planner / Producer and sometimes may not have professional training and credentials from a university or event management program.

A Wedding Designer, Stylist or Architect is focused on fostering your personal wedding vision. This is for the bride who has complete confidence and trust in hiring an expert who can take the bride’s vision to the next level and create something more spectacular than the bride could envision herself. The Wedding Designer / Stylist/ Architect should have formal training in a relevant field such as Floral Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design or Fashion Design.Some Wedding Planners / Producers have the proper credentials to also call themselves Wedding Designers and offer both planning and design services.

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